Tech Leadership High School

Paid Internship Program

Tech’s Internship Program is supported by Albuquerque Corporations. It is a very selective process that allows Tech students to gain real world experience, high school credit and a paycheck.


Next State Systems

Designs and implements complex hardware and software systems for defense, photonics, manufacturing, and high-tech research sectors.

reyanna-f-internReyanna F.



This Science Center and Children’s Museum Creates opportunities for inspirational discovery and the joy of lifelong learning through interactive experiences in science, technology, engineering, art, and math. It is a new kind of learning place, providing real experiences with real things that put people’s learning in their own hands. It is part science center, part children’s museum, part free-choice school, part grandma’s attic, part grandpa’s garage, part laboratory, part neighborhood full of interesting people, and part of many people’s lives. Exhibits are designed to engage visitors of all ages.

aaron-b-internAaron B.



A home for entrepreneurs, founded 29 years ago by women for women. As a non-profit, they offer consulting, training, and lending to anyone with the passion to start or grow a business. Their committed team nurtures thousands of clients each year to help them build strong and sustainable businesses that support their families and communities throughout New Mexico.

ehlam-internEhlam Y.


Improve Group

Improve Group knows there is always a better way to do business, and they help companies reach their potential by aligning their people, space and technology. Their turn-key solutions include full-service space designs, technology solutions, as well as employee engagement techniques that drive your organization towards a unified vision of success.

katie-w-internKatie W.


brenda-l-internBrenda L.


New Mexico Mutual

New Mexico Mutual is recognized as an expert on workers’ compensation insurance in New Mexico.

They are committed to acting on your behalf to ensure that workers’ compensation insurance in New Mexico allows your business to compete in the market.

They routinely work with business and labor, to protect clients’ interests against changes in state law and regulations related to worker’s compensation that may adversely affect New Mexico businesses and injured workers. They work diligently in Santa Fe to challenge legislation that would unnecessarily raise workers’ compensation costs and work year round with legislative committees and regulatory bodies to monitor issues that arise.

They champion efforts to pass laws that protect employers and workers, while keeping worker’s compensation costs at a minimum. Their data collection and reporting is respected by state lawmakers, regulators and insurance industry experts. They are constantly looked upon for our input, information, and expertise in the workers’ compensation arena.

isaiah-v-intern Isaiah V.

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