Tech Leadership High School



The philosophy of TLHS can best be described as a three-pillared model. We believe in 360 degree student support, learning by doing (project-based learning), and community engagement.


360 degree support 360 Degree Student Support

This pillar is about the development of school culture. The Director of Student Support, Ms. Cynthia Ramirez, collaborates with the Director of Community Engagement, Ms. Velina Chavez, to engage families and create partnerships with community based service providers who can support our students and families. This pillar also ensures that Positive Youth Development (PYD) practices are present in order to build a culture that has high academic expectations and is intellectually and emotionally safe for students. All youth need supports and opportunities to make successful transitions to adulthood. The focus of the positive youth development approach is to help youth gain the skills they need to become happy and productive adults. PYD builds on young people’s strengths and recognizes their unique contributions.


learning by doingLearning-by-Doing

This pillar is about authentic student learning. We believe that engaging project-based learning is the pathway to higher levels of student performance. We are committed to a mastery-based grading system where students demonstrate their learning through a variety of rigorous performance assessments. Teacher development and industry partnerships are central to a responsive and adaptable curriculum that keeps the school on the cutting edge of teaching and learning. The Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment, Mr. Brett Lovette, leads the work of this pillar by collaborating with faculty and industry partners.


community engagementCommunity Engagement

This pillar is concerned with creating relationships with external partners that are reciprocal in nature. The Director of Community Engagement, Ms. Velina Chavez, builds partnerships that are attentive to community and school needs. Service, mentorships, and off-site programs are key components of the community engagement pillar. Finally, this pillar ensures that TLHS understands community assets and connects our faculty to partners that can further our mutual interests.

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