Tech Leadership High School


A Day at Tech

Student classes are organized around interdisciplinary projects related to the technology sectors. Rather than take courses with single, disconnected themes, students develop skills through real-world projects. Each trimester, students complete the necessary coursework (english language arts, math, science, history, Spanish, etc.) through multidisciplinary, authentic, and hands-on projects. For example, students might embark on a project on electrical energy consumption in which students calculate electrical supply and demand curves using Algebra I, while also studying the key concepts of physics by building parallel and series electrical circuits. In the same project, students conduct historical research on the development of the electrical grid, while also writing personal narratives about how their electrical consumption would have to change in a post-Apocalyptic dystopian future. By completing various projects like this each school year, students earn the required credits to complete a high school diploma in the standard four years. Breakfast and lunch are served each day.

Daily Schedule

8:00 – 3:30 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

8:00 Р1:00 Friday


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