Tech Leadership High School


Exploration To McKee & Wallworks On Digital Advertising

Exploration To McKee & Wallworks On Digital Advertising

Tech focuses on our students exploring:

✓ Tech Companies and Conventions
✓ Corporations that Utilize Technology to Drive their Daily Work
✓ College Visits
✓ Conferences for Students Related to their Learning
✓ Companies Offering Extended Learning
✓ Community Service According to Needs in the Southeast
✓ Museums to Broaden Students’ Culture and Knowledge
✓ Experiences and Self- Esteem Builders(skiing, fishing, ropes course, ninja park, etc.)
✓ Team Builder Sites and Organizations
✓ Manufacturing
✓ Career Exposure
✓ Job Shadowing
✓ Local and State Government
✓ Maker Spaces
✓ Albuquerque City Events

Tech strives to enrich the student as a whole being. Through explorations, we are able to give these experiences to all of our students. The partnerships with companies, organizations, community centers, schools, and the Tech Park allows doors to open for our students that they are not able to have from other High Schools in Albuquerque.

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