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Capstone Students

Capstone Students

Capstone is a mandatory requirement for student’s to graduate from Tech. Tech students apply their Junior year to be accepted into Capstone. This process includes an application, family meetings and an interview with the Capstone Teachers. Capstone Students are required to:

Academic Integrity: maintain the highest level of maturity, work ethic and integrity.
Professionalism: maintain a professional demeanor by being prepared, punctual and exhibiting an enthusiasm for the work they produce. Industry mentors will coach their Capstone mentee.
Team Organization and Management: individually focus and achieve effective communication with others in order to coordinate the efforts of their team into a synthesized body of work.

All of the experiences which are presented to the students, are in regard to the Tech Leadership Graduate Profile and how the student’s character, skills are exhibited in their personal interactions and final portfolio. The Capstone course is designed to provide an emphasis on tech-related design, project management and producing a community driven proposal. Further, the Capstone includes aspects of computer based solutions that span from designing products to building systems to engineering concepts that are currently being worked on by real world industry mentors who help guide the process.

Capstone Project:
Tech Capstone Students will be engaged in an existing, real life design build project within their community to employ the problem-solving skills they have acquired while studying at Tech. They will be tasked to research and identify their own strengths, in order to build their own creative capacity, intellectual curiosities, physical dexterity and technical proficiency through the project itself.

Capstone Courses (highlighted in blue are interdisciplinary)
English Language Arts
Dual Credit (UNM and CNM)

Experiences and Exposure:
√ Accuplacer
√ ACT Test Prep
√ Volunteering
√ Toastmasters
√ Explorations on the Trades
√ Weekly Public Student Presentations
√ Professional Educating and Coaching
√ Student Service Project Portfolio
√ Public Exhibitions
√ Family Presentations
√ Curriculum Vitae
√ Central Avenue Corridor Design Competition

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