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Technology Leadership Looking for Exhibition Judges

We would like to extend an invitation to you to participate as a judge at our upcoming student exhibitions on February 14,15, or 16th at Technology Leadership HS.

During the exhibitions students will present their second trimester projects. Judges can participate for the entire hour and a half or 30 minutes or more based on their availability.

Below is the exhibition schedule. Please contact Velina Chavez at with the day and project you are interested in judging.

February 14, 2016
BLUSH – Driving Question: How do we create a successful advertising campaign to market and increase sales in BLUSH products?

Students learned about advertising techniques, persuasive writing and conducted research (demographics) to create an advertising campaign to help market organic body products for a local manufacturer.

How to Cross Over? – Driving Question: How do we build a safe and efficient bridge that is aesthetically pleasing?

Students created bridges out of different materials and tested their durability.

February 15, 2016
Reduce Your Risk- Driving Question: How do diseases effect our lives?

Students worked on campaigns aimed at prevention of a specific disease utilizing an approach or making general recommendations that encompass new ideas and approaches that would be effective to influence peers to adopt a healthy lifestyle that lowers their risk.

Website Development- Driving Questions: How do website developers create a successful website?

Students built websites based on their personal interests using wix website editor and basic html code.

February 16, 2016
WWI Through Film- Driving Question: How can film be used as a source to learn about WWII?

The students viewed and analyzed different films to learn about WWII and the different events and peoples affected. The students created their own films about a WWII topic of their choosing. Come join us for our classroom film festival!

Current Matters- Driving Question: How do we produce electricity to empower our lives?

Students are unlocking the mysteries of the universe by understanding all the different forms of energy and how we convert them into electricity to empower our lives. They are also learning the consequences of how we’ve been doing that in our society. Come join us so you can too empower your life and mind.

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