Tech Leadership High School

Supporting the Future Leaders of the Technology Industry

Honor Roll Recipient
Meeting Mayor Keller
Analyzing Circuits
Study of Art Exploration
Principal's Award Winner
Van Buren Community Garden Service Learning Day
Digital Communication Exploration
College and Career Day
October Awards Ceremony
Cartography Exploration
Practicing Technique
Anthropology Exploration
Exploring Santa Fe
Digital Technology Exploration
Tech's Finest at Prom
Professional Development for Service Learning Advisees at School of the Blind
Career Day
Petroglyph Exploration
Asset Mapping the Community
Meow Wolf Exploration
Digital Creation Exploration
Amazing View in Santa Fe
Developing 3-D Products
Golf Frisbee
Learning by Doing
Digital Literacy Exploration at Ideum
Web Site Design
Art History Exploration
Learning Geometry through Music and Designing Guitars
Library Exploration
Exploring the Parts of Tech's 3D Printer
Student Created Robot
Santa Fe on the Rail Runner
 KOB Exploration
Telling a Personal Story through Film
Ready for Exhibitions
Advisory Exploration
Problem Solving
Tomada Show Exploration
Petroglyph Exploration
KOB Exploration
Service Learning In the Community
Santa Fe Exploration
Advisor and Advisee
Petroglyph Exploration
Applying Technology to Innovate
Teaching The Community To Use Social Media
Demonstrating Knowledge through Teaching Others
Sandia Mountains Exploration
How do Computers Talk to Each Other
Albuquerque View
Excellent End of the Day
End of a Long Day

The Mission of Technology Leadership High School is to prepare students for college and career in technology fields by collaborating with technology companies. TLHS focuses on the academic, social, and emotional growth of the underserved youth in Albuquerque’s Southeast Heights and International District.

Miss Cortazzo is the founding Principal of Tech and opened the school in 2015. She wanted the parents and students to have a choice of where to attend school. Tech is not a typical High School and it was designed this way to create success for all students. As you browse our website, you will discover how Tech is different than a traditional High School. Parents and students, take advantage of this opportunity being offered to you. High School can be a difficult time and Tech has support systems in place of an environment that is engaging, supportive and academically rigorous.

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