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Student Support

At ACE we focus on supporting the whole student. This 360-degree support is a priority of our educational program and is accomplished through the following support services: the Student Support Team, School Based Health Clinic, Achievement Coach, Special Education Services, English Language Learner Services, and the Advisory Program.

Our Student Supports are guided by these underlying philosophies:

  • Positive Youth Development
  • Support from graduation through transitioning to adulthood
  • High expectations require high levels of support (social/emotional/academic/health)

Below are some key components to the Student Supports provided at ACE Leadership. Please contact Tori Stephens-Shauger if you have any questions regarding Student Support.

Student Support Team

At ACE Leadership, we ask students to take big risks both academically and personally. High expectations require high levels of support. Building a supportive community is important. At ACE Leadership, the Student Support Team takes the form of full-time Clinical Social Workers and the Director of Student Support who are available to students, families, and staff. Any student, parent, or community member is welcome to visit with the Student Support Team. Contact them here

The Support Team:

  • Ensures support for special education students
  • Provides support for staff as advisors and teachers to create positive relationships with students and families
  • Guarantees teachers and staff follow principles of Positive Youth Development
  • Collaborates with community supports for students and families
  • Supports individual students
  • Collaborates with families to support their child
  • Facilitates advisory curriculum as needed
  • Assists in disciplinary issues and promotes proactive practices to eliminate disciplinary issues
  • Offers support during family meetings
  • Works in Peer Mediation and Social Justice
  • Ensures there are groups that address student needs

School Based Health Clinic

The development of a comprehensive school-based health clinic (SBHC) is central to our support concept. Components of the SBHC Program include:

  • Comprehensive primary and behavioral health care services
  • Services that span the day and evening programs
  • Health education/self care/wellness education for students and staff
  • Workplace safety education for students and staff
  • Collaboration with CWF, Student Support Team, Director of Student Supports, Teachers and Advisors
  • Referral for community based services as needed
  • Flexibility for growth that responds to student needs from year to year
  • A school health advisory committee (SHAC) to guide the SBHC development

Achievement Coach

The Achievement Coach creates connections and networks with agencies in our community to meet the needs of our students and their families so that they can focus on their academics. Some of the services that the Achievement Coach can help you and your family with include:

  • Individual and family counseling and/or therapy
  • Medical, dental or vision needs
  • Food, transportation and economic resources
  • Legal services, immigration assistance and parenting support

Special Education Services

Services are provided based on a student’s individualized education program. We work hard to provide as much of these services in a setting within the projects rather than a pull out or segregated setting. We have found that our students have had great success with this service model.  We have continuous training on providing services for staff  and ensuring access to students. Additionally, we are flexible enough to provide more one to one service when needed.

English Language Learner Services

Though we are not a bilingual program, we value being as bilingual as possible. Many of our teachers are bilingual and/or TESOL certified and ELL services are provided throughout every project on a daily basis. Formally we use the CALLA model which stresses the gradual release of responsibility and connection to personal culture and experiences.  We have found this to be supportive to our students learning English and they have been successful academically and socially.

Advisory Program

ACE Leadership Advisory Program Overview: Advisory at ACE Leadership is the staging area for school culture and academic success.

The Advisor is the primary contact within the school for parents, families, caregivers, and students as well as the connection for students to the larger support networks within the school and community. Through the Advisory program we strive to support all students and enable them to do their best work. and transition successfully into a college or apprenticeship program and adult life.


  • Advisory is a place where relationships are of primary importance, with both the family and the student
  • Advisees stay with their Advisor until graduation
  • Advisory meets for at least one hour at the beginning of every day
  • Physical education and health standards are covered in this class over four years
  • Advisor conducts bi-weekly progress checks and is a space for academic support (i.e. reading, tutoring, organizational support)
  • Advisory is the hub of developing our school culture
  • Family meetings are held at least once per trimester between family, student and advisor
  • Family meetings are designed to keep families involved with their student’s education.
    • Advisors are the primary adult responsible for scheduling and facilitating family meetings though other staff may be in attendance. Ideally, student will lead their family meetings, which are held at least each trimester. These meetings could be held more often, but when scheduled are required for the student and family to attend. The advisor should be present for or followed up with about any meeting related to their advisee. This includes celebration of success, disciplinary issues, social/emotional issues, or academic support discussions.
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