Architecture, Construction & Engineering Leadership High School


Graduation Requirements

ACE Leadership High School has the same requirements as other public high schools,  however, many electives are required at ACE. These electives are Advisory, Spanish 1 and 2, and Capstone. All students must take and pass their Capstone projects to graduate.

The Capstone Project is an intensive final year project that investigates aspects of the design and construction process.  Students collaborate in teams to research, create, and publicly present on topics including, construction management, heating and cooling systems, structural and foundation systems, architectural design, and communication strategies.  In addition to the value of working in the context of a real life project, the students consult with and are mentored by ACE industry professionals.  Students participate in community and weekly design meetings with the actual professionals who are executing the job to understand what it takes to succeed in the exciting and competitive field of the building industry.

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