Architecture, Construction & Engineering Leadership High School


A Day at School

Student classes are organized around projects related to the Architecture, Construction, or Engineering industry. Students might study how skyscrapers are engineered while learning math, or examine and build models of earthquake resistant buildings to study geography. Rather than take a singular course, students study, research and develop skills through real-world projects. Each trimester, students complete the necessary coursework (Spanish, Science, History, Math, English, etc.) through two multidisciplinary, hands-on Student Projects.

day program at aceDay Program: A day at ACE begins with our full school Morning Meeting where staff and students share out news and the plans for the day.  From Morning Meeting, students head to their Advisory, a homeroom teacher of sorts, where students check in, do a morning physical fitness warm-up, and work on an activity.  Students attend a morning and an afternoon Student Project class and the day closes back with their Advisory working on various activities.  On Wednesday afternoons, students have a variety of elective workshops, from archery to skateboard club, to choose from.  Breakfast and lunch are served daily.

Evening Program: The evening program begins with a full program meeting where staff and students share out news and the plans for the day, followed by a physical fitness warm-up, a student check in with their Advisory, and participation in their Student Project.  The evening program meets four days a week from 3:30-7:30pm all together. In addition, students create a personalized schedule to fulfill 15 additional hours on campus weekly, to work directly with teachers and advisors.  Dinner is served nightly.

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