Architecture, Construction & Engineering Leadership High School


Community Engagement

The Community Engagement Center (CEC) at ACE Leadership High School supports the school’s mission by initiating, building, and maintaining community partnerships.  The focus of the CEC work  is to engage our four primary communities:

Our Students and Their Families

Our students and their families are the heart of ACE Leadership.  We strive to involve and inform our families as essential partners in helping students succeed and in  building our school culture.  Family involvement could be sharing a skill or expertise with a class project, participating in a family “platica” or conversation, or providing help with our yearly Matanza Fiesta or a school sports team.   We are always looking for new ideas or ways to involve our ACE families…..Let us know!

ACE Professions

The tremendous support from the local Architecture, Construction and Engineering (ACE) professional community has been vital to the growth of our students and our program.  ACE professionals act as content experts for our teachers and curriculum and mentors for our young, aspiring professionals through job shadows, internships, and employment. This continuous professional involvement insures the relevancy of both  our curriculum and student learning and experience to current conditions and needs within the industry.  We strive to make these professional partnerships reciprocal and meaningful.

The Sawmill Neighborhood

Our school resides in the Sawmill community and we have worked to contribute and build lasting relationships with the individuals, families, businesses and civic institutions that make up this neighborhood.  Community projects have included constructing garden boxes and planting trees for the Sawmill Land Trust, doing home and yard improvements for neighbors, providing help with seasonal celebrations such as the Halloween Carnival and Las Posadas, as well as collaborating with neighboring schools and museums.  We are excited for our new school building to act as a hub for further neighborhood projects and partnerships and to continue to contribute to the rich culture and history of this community.

Partnering Organizations

Preparing our students to become successful leaders in their communities and in their future professions requires collaboration with a variety of local partnering organizations.  From museums and local businesses, to youth art programs and UNM and CNM.   These partnerships are so important to enrich the experiences and opportunities for our students and build networks that strengthen our community.

These partnerships provide expertise and resources to support our teachers and the curriculum, while deepening the learning experience for our students.  In addition, they create opportunities outside of the school for students to engage in relevant work that builds their experience and contributes to the community.  Such involvement in the community allows our students to participate in authentic experiences, to build their reputation and develop the skills and character necessary to become successful leaders in their communities and in their future professions.

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