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Students at ACE have been described as strong, perseverant, genuine, honest, and diverse. Many of our students have experienced things that could derail an average student. Our students have made the choice to continue their education in spite of obstacles they have faced. They learn outside of the box, and use problem-solving and innovation to address real-world problems. Our students will be the future, and they will be prepared for work in any field.

Student Profiles

  • Angel Gonzales

    Angel Gonzales

    2014 Graduate

    Self starter, articulate and driven.

    What are your post ACE pursuits?

    I’m working at Les File Drywall, training to be a project manager. I will hopefully soon start school to back my title with a certification through the construction management program at CNM…

  • Johan Valcarcel

    Johan Valcarcel

    2014 Graduate

    I like writing, I can communicate with people well, I can speak to people, I’m never afraid of going in front of a crowd and I love to draw.

    Have You Used Your Talents at ACE?

    Yes! Completely. All of them. I’m talking to people every time there is a presentation. I talk to real professional engineers and architects. I’ve done sketches. I’ve done plans. I have used all my talents…

  • D'Angela Zamora

    D'Angela Zamora

    2014 Graduate

    I know how to get things done. I have a lot of leadership qualities and communication skills, which makes me a good team member.

    Career Aspirations:

    I want to go into business, it can be anything and everything you want it to be… but if you asked me a year ago, it wouldn’t have been in my plans…

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