Architecture, Construction & Engineering Leadership High School



Welcome to ACE Leadership High School.

At ACE, we educate and prepare young people in a caring and supportive environment to develop the skills and character necessary to become successful leaders in their communities and in their future ACE professions.

Our Mission

The Mission of ACE Leadership High School is to engage young people who love to design and build things with the skills they need to become leaders in the construction profession. We serve young people who have limited means to have successful careers by caring for their intellectual, physical, and emotional well-being as students.


  • ACE is a free and public high school
  • It is a small school environment – students who felt lost in larger school systems have flourished here
  • Students engage with work in hands-on, real-world ways that help to develop skills as active problem solvers
  • School curriculum is designed with input from the Architecture, Construction and Engineering industries; projects and performance assessments are guided by what graduates need to demonstrate to be successful in the industry
  • All students have access to internships and career exploration opportunities
  • Students have the ability to start a college program while still in high school through dual enrolment
  • We offer flag football, basketball, volleyball and archery
  • Team work with other students and mentorship from caring adults are key to our school’s mission and the success of our students
  • The school was founded in 2009 with 12 key industry partners

School Culture

The ACE Leadership School Culture is defined by the three C’s: Collaboration, Communication, Client Driven.

The primary principles of our School Culture are:

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    Student growth, physical fitness, nutrition and health: Students learn to deal with their responsibilities, identify pressures and access support, reach their maximum potential, meet high expectations, learn from breakdowns, celebrate successes, and be healthy physically, intellectually, and emotionally.

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    Mentorship between students and adults: Students produce plans collaboratively, reveal and remove constraints on planned tasks as a team, make reliable promises, and take responsibility for all parts of the school.

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    Safety: Students go through safety training as a part of school and classroom  culture. They cover physical, emotional, and mental health; dress code; Personal Protection Equipment; and drug and alcohol awareness and policies.

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    Student Voice: Students are involved in decision making at the school.


    Transition: This is a focus the day you begin school at ACE. Students participate in many transition activities primarily through Advisory and their Advisor is the contact for this information.

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    Advocacy: Students learn to advocate by the student, with the student, and for the student.

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    Support & Preparation: School culture values the buddy system, gateway/exhibition support, and mentorship.

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    Heterogeneous Grouping:  ACE groups students by age, grade, gender, ability, language, etc. to ensure all students are fully supported by peers and staff.

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